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  • Do I have to start with Step 1? What if I'm further down the growth path?
    You do not have to start with Step One! This is not a linear progression since the nature of growth is cyclical. So jump where it makes sense for you and your journey! You may want to review the other steps in case you need to fill in a bit, but you will inevitably cycle back around in another phase.
  • Why the garden metaphor?
    I have found that in order to live a truly unique life, we have to follow our own intuition and make choices based on what's right for us at the time - not what worked for someone else or what our parents, or society in general may have taught us. At the same time, most of us appreciate a bit of guidance and direction. Taking cues from nature allows us to avoid a lot of the inevitable comparison that comes along with trying to follow the path someone outside of ourselves. It also allows us to see that growth in a more objective way. We all understand that a seed that isn't watered won't grow - neither will the seeds of our desires.
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